Regenesys Foundation CEO

Reports to: Regenesys Foundation Directors represented by Regenesys Business School CEO

Regenesys Foundation:

The Regenesys Foundation is a registered non-profit company with Section 18(A) status whose objective is to promote and increase access to quality business education and knowledge throughout the world.

Instructional Designer

Job Summary

Regenesys Management seeks the expertise of a client facing higher education instructional designer.

Regenesys offers certificates, degrees, postgraduate diplomas and MBA programmes through the Business School. Regenesys School of Public Management also offers a range of programmes for the Public Sector. Regenesys has extensive experience in customising skills programmes to address the specific needs of organisations that can be delivered in-house or at our campus in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Senior Material Developer

Job summary

Regenesys Management seeks the expertise of a senior material developer.

Qualifications and experience

  • Minimum qualifications: masters degree (preferably MCom or MBA)
  • Minimum experience: four to five years in a similar position

Junior Course Writer

Job Summary

The purpose of this position is to update, review and develop course material for the Regenesys Business School.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Review/ develop/ update workbooks for Regenesys
  • Develop new workbooks as required
  • Include/update new information into workbooks when required.
  • Customise/modify workbooks when required
  • Send new course material for revision
  • Incorporate revision comments into material
  • Edit workbook language and format where necessary

Senior Programme Accreditation Officer/Manager

The successful incumbent will be responsible for, however not limited to, the following deliverables:
Key performance areas and Core functions:
To provide technical support on programme and curriculum design with a view to enhance the quality of the submissions for approval, accreditation and registration of academic programmes;

Senior Business Analyst

We are looking to hire a highly driven senior business analyst to assist the company to improve business efficiency. The senior business analyst’s responsibilities involve developing new business strategies and models, communicating to management on how these strategies and models will enhance business efficiency, and creating monthly reports on the performance of the business. You should also be able to utilize the monthly reports to identify business areas in need of improvement.

Senior Security Specialist

Since 1998 Regenesys has been transforming lives by awakening the potential of students across Africa and India. What sets us apart is our holistic approach to education: developing our students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually – delivering learning programmes that inspire and transform not only the minds but the hearts and souls of our students. In this way we maximize the impact of the individual, the organisation and society.

Marketing Manager(GROUP) at progressive BUSINESS SCHOOL

Job Summary:
Responsible for building the brand and its subsidiaries globally. Develop and execute relevant marketing strategies to position the company as the leading business in its field and to generate quality leads.

Senior .NET Developer

About the Position

NET Developer job requirements and qualifications. We are looking for an experienced and ambitious ASP.Net (C#) Developer to join our team. As a .NET Developer, the candidate will be involved in design, development, coding, customization, configuration, testing, and deployment for our internal systems..NET Developer duties and responsibilities

Networks and Telephones (NETW) – Network/Technical Engineer


  • Maintenance of ABIL IT data network
  • Build and maintain network
  • Identify and resolve network routing inefficiencies
  • Monitor and maintain sufficient capacity in the network
  • Liaise with service providers with regards to SLAs and provision of resources
  • Manage configuration control in the network

Cisco Network Engineer

Regenesys South Africa is looking to hire an experienced Cisco network engineer to implement and maintain Cisco networks. As a Cisco network engineer, you will be responsible for installing Cisco networks, troubleshooting issues, maintaining security, and training end-users on Cisco networking products. Also, CNE creates and configure networks, and provide technical support.