Tips for graduates looking for employment

While South Africa is experiencing growth in its graduate labour force, graduate unemployment is rising with the overall unemployment rate. 

Graduate unemployment is increasingly becoming problematic as it wastes scarce human capital, which is detrimental to the economy in the long run. So how do we reverse these statistics?

In order for graduates to find placement in todays digital and fast moving age they will need to “stand out “and be the “total package”.

Tips on how to better position yourself for the world of work as a graduate:

Align yourself to the world of work

You have to learn the rules of the game and play better than anyone else. Whether we like it or not, our lives are dominated by rules and the same applies for the workplace. Learn these rules and you will land the job of your dreams.

Make yourself attractive to an employer

Some employers only need to see potential to employ you. You can do this by being aware of the way you speak and how you conduct yourself during the interview.

Be prepared to work

Most graduates feel self-entitled, demanding high salaries with no experience, and those graduates that are employed take things for granted. You need to be prepared to work hard to secure the position you want.

Become a go-getter

In life you either chase or are chased. In order to be a go-getter, you need to have tunnel vision and to chase after what you want without being distracted. For example, if there is a particular type of job that you want, you should go after it.

Remember big dreams, determination and action produce results.

In conclusion

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