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The National Diploma in Public Administration: For a More Effective Public Official


The National Diploma in Public Administration from Regenesys Business School is, perhaps, South Africa’s fastest gateway towards getting a higher degree.

The programme is an NQF Level 7 certification; a conduit to catapult junior-level public officials into managerial positions, equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to lead other civil servants as they strive to provide quality service to the public.

As poor service delivery continues to haunt the nation, the need for well-trained and highly skilled administrators becomes even more critical.

From power cuts to housing deficits and crime proliferation, among others, South Africa is in dire need of mid- and senior-level managers who not only understand what to do, but have a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to make the right decisions when required.

There is no doubting the fact that SA desperately needs men and women who can conceptualise, design, plan, and implement strategic organisational policies as well as monitor and evaluate the outcomes against desired goals and objectives.

These crucial skills are lacking in the polity and the evidence is glaring such that the nation keeps revolving on one spot, if not retrogressing altogether.

Examples from countries like Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Finland confirm the obvious that a nation can only fully utilise its natural and human resources by harnessing the intellectual and physical abilities of its citizens.

This is the duty public administrators are saddled with and they require education to achieve such demanding feats.

Said otherwise, no matter how noble and promising the policies of political leaders in power are, no matter how much natural resources the country has on or under its soil, and no matter how large the population is, without skilled and qualified public servants to bring policy into the realm of practicality, the country would be going nowhere anytime soon.

This reality is what informed the creation of the highly coveted Regenesys National Diploma in Public Administration programme which is accredited by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), the Council on Higher Education, and many other accreditation bodies.

So, you possess only a diploma but want to progress in your academic pursuit to unleash your potentials and make you an asset for South Africa, one that would rise in the ranks of the public service, taking the lead and managing resources effectively?

This certification is designed for you!

Upon completion of the National Diploma in Public Administration (NDPA), you would have opened a wide doorway that gives you access to accelerate your academic quest to the highest levels.

With a 260-credits NDPA, you can apply for a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management (PDPM) – NQF Level 8, MBA or a Master in Public Management (MPM) – NQF Level 9 and then a Doctoral degree – NQF Level 10.

Also, as a certified NDPA holder, your salary and benefits are poised to increase just as you get lined up for promotion to a higher office.

This access to a better life for you and your family alludes to the fact that you now have the cognitive prowess, leadership skills, organisational planning acumen, and a better appreciation of the public sector and how it should function.

With new tasks and responsibilities come a better salary package and more job satisfaction.

So, you see, a National Diploma in Public Administration is not just another certificate, it is the next rung on the ladder waiting to propel you to great heights in your career as a public servant.

Certification The National Diploma: Public Administration NQF 7 (260 credits) is a 12-month qualification.

On completion, the following certification will be awarded:

A PSETA Certificate & Services SETA Statement of Achievement will be awarded to all delegates who successfully complete all portfolio requirements; or

A PSETA Statement of Achievement will be awarded to all delegates who successfully complete some, but not all, of the modules’ portfolio requirements. The Statement of Results will only reflect the modules successfully completed; or

A Regenesys Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who attended all training sessions, but who do not complete any portfolio requirements successfully.

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