The Good Governance Academy

The Good Governance Academy was launched on 18 March 2019, by Prof Mervyn King, Patron of the Academy and a leading international authority on corporate governance. The Good Governance Academy, under Prof King’s leadership, will be offering executive education, master classes, public seminars and research to South Africa and the World. Prof King will be lecturing on our MBA programmes.

Prof King chose Regenesys as his intellectual home because, as he puts it: “I feel most at home here.” The Regenesys values of conscious purpose, conscious leadership and emotional and spiritual intelligence resonate strongly with Prof King’s view on how organisations should function.

“Organisations are led by individuals and their conscious leadership will determine the moral compass of the organisation” said Prof King in his address. “I am pleased that the Regenesys Business School has agreed to house and make their infrastructure available to the Academy. They have for 20 years been teaching not only the intelligence quotient of a business degree, but also the emotional, physical and spiritual quotients.”

The Good Governance Academy will provide educational input in the areas of governance, sustainability, integrated reporting and conscious leadership. The Academy will hold colloquia and panel discussions on critical governance issues with input from local and international institutions.

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