The dynamic role of business education


The pace of innovation has unlocked new doors of opportunities not only for business but for business education also. It is the responsibility of the business education providers as part of higher education in the country to help and assist learners to explore , exploit and venture into these opportunities.

It is very exciting to analyse the fact that the first three industrial revolutions had almost 100 years of interval amongst them. The first industrial revolution(IR) started in 1784 , followed by the second IR in 1870 and the third IR in 1969. Though we are still in an era of fourth IR, the world is already discussing the fifth IR.

The dynamic role of business education 1

Why in South Africa are we deliberating the IRs? The benefits of the first two IRs was largely concentrated in the Europe and USA, however the benefits of the third IR were more profound and penetrated different parts of the world including developing countries like India and China. The fourth IR has been fostered on the developments of the third IR and different countries at different stages of digital evolution are ready to take advantage of these advances. This sounds like an inflection point from where countries (including South Africa) can go in different strategic directions and higher business education can play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of the business and economy.

We do not need big universities with huge infrastructures to educate and train our people. What we need is the passion and the hunger to develop the people of the country. Use of technology with a heart and soul of a human can help us create opportunities never seen before. Regenesys Business School is playing a pioneering role in awakening potential of the individuals by using technology to provide quality business education.

Regenesys believes in igniting emotional and spiritual intelligence in an era of artificial intelligence, robotics, wearable internet and internet of things. The primary concern of every organisation in the world is , how will machines talk to individuals? Will emotions , empathy and trust loose its significance? What skills should the future leaders acquire to survive and prosper in the dynamic world of innovation?

The answer to these questions are presented by the dynamic curriculum and courses offered by Regenesys Business School. MBA – Conscious Leadership is one such program that aims at developing future leaders that are aware of the new challenges of the business world in the light of fourth industrial revolution.

The curriculum of the Regenesys is equally dynamic to adapt to the fast paced world of business. A dedicated materials development team works round the clock to develop and incorporate the latest developments in the world of business to the contents of the study material.

Regenesys Business School is a dynamic B- School ready to take on the fourth IR and prepared for the fifth IR. It truly fulfils the dynamic role of business education in the country, with a passion to “Awaken Potential ”.

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