• Just like every great experience, Regenesys Business School is full of challenges and opportunities. The professors provided us with real-world examples of theoretical concepts being applied in the real world.

    Gerhard Kotzé
    PDBM graduate and MBA student
  • An MBA is a prerequisite for any serious and ambitious young person. It is a toolkit that is cost-effective,
    essential and a must-have. It assists to validate, augment and amplify your presence within the business

    Pule Molebeledi
    MBA graduate
  • I highly recommend the Regenesys MBA programme which in its diversity allows for projects, business,
    personal, corporate and entrepreneurship exposure, second to none. Dr Marko Saravanja inspired me to join, I
    was intrigued – he had given up everything – I identified with that.

    Jeni Moodley
    MBA graduate
  • I wanted to study but I had that fear. What if I fail? It was difficult but I passed in the top half of my class thanks to
    Regenesys support!

    Zola Ntilini
    HCBM and BBA graduate
  • Being acknowledged as one of the top five business schools in South Africa is a testament to all the hard work
    and dedication that the Regenesys team invests, ensuring that Regenesys is and remains a resounding success.
    I am really proud to be a part of the Regenesys family, because that is what we are, a family who is committed
    to empowering and supporting its students in achieving their full potential and individual goals.

    Camilla Krog
    MBA graduate
  • It was a good experience, I learnt a lot. It was hard work and a lot of fun! It has really been a learning and
    international experience. I would definitely recommend Regenesys to my juniors.

    Satish Saini
    International student
18 October 2018
Regenesys Graduation - Miss Evashni Arnachellam Speech

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