Terms & Conditions


‘Academic programme’ (academic) shall mean certificated courses conducted by Regenesys on its premises or at a client’s premises. ‘

Management development course’ shall mean management programmes conducted over a period of 1-5 days.

‘Short course’ (‘short’) shall mean management development courses conducted by Regenesys. These courses may vary in length and are counted in days.

‘In-house’ shall mean a standard Regenesys course, either short or academic, that is conducted as a package for a corporate or organisational client.

‘Provisional registration’ or ‘provisionally registered’ shall mean the provisional booking of an individual onto their chosen course. Provisional registration shows intention to commit and pay fees as set out below.

‘Registered’ shall mean that the individual has provided supporting documentation, where necessary, and has paid the registration fee for the course in advance or provided documentation such as a government order proving commitment to pay.

Academic Regulations
All academic and accredited programmes are subject to academic rules, regulations and applicable domestic legislation as published and revised from time to time. Regenesys is obligated to make personal academic information available to regulatory and administrative bodies for academic and statistical purposes.

Application Fee*
A fee of R500 is required in order for an application to be processed, and annually for subsequent registrations. Regenesys reserves the right to amend this fee from time to time.

Course Applications
All applications submitted by an individual, whether for a short or academic course, require a fully committed and signed application form and acknowledgement of terms and conditions. All supporting documentation as laid out in the application form should be provided. An application does not constitute full registration on a course. An application is a precursor to provisional registration. An application will be registered once full payment and supporting documentation (where necessary) have been received or the payment terms agreement has been signed with Regenesys.

Contact classes will run subject to a minimum of 10 students being enrolled and registered for attendance of the module over the semester.

Regenesys cannot guarantee places on a particular scheduled course, and reserves the right to reallocate learners and courses if the need arises.

Invoicing and Payment: Management Development Courses
Payment is required in full prior to commencement of the course. Payment of the applicant’s course fee may only be made on the day of commencement of the course, if a written form of prior guarantee is provided by the applicant’s sponsor. This guarantee may be in the form of an order number/form or letter from the sponsor stating that the course fee payments will be settled by them.

Annual Registration Fee*
For every qualification enrolled for, the student will be required to register each calendar year, in either January or July, as relevant for the modules to be taken during that year. This facilitates better planning for tuition demands and services required. An annual administration fee of R500 will be charged.

Revised Fees to Applicable Year’s Rate
Tuition will be charged at fees applicable to the current-year rate. A top-up fee will be levied per module, to cover the shortfall between originally paid fees and the applicable rate when student actually does the module. This relates to delayed, deferred and repeat modules. If student paid for the full qualification upfront, the top-up fee will only be applicable on studies extending beyond the required minimum qualification period of the course.

Tuition Extension Levy*
If a student’s studies extend beyond the minimum completion time, as per the academic regulations, the student will be required to pay an extension levy of R5000 per annum, or part thereof – payable in January or July of each year as applicable.

Tuition Commencement
Once an application for any Regenesys programme has been processed and a tax invoice raised, the individual will be deemed to be an enrolled student and will be due to attend and to pay the course fees and any other associated costs (subject to the National Credit Act requirements).

Full receipt of the invoice amount, a government order, or 50% upfront payment and a firm written commitment to pay the balance within an agreed time frame prior to commencement will secure a confirmed and registered place on the course. A Regenesys credit application and income and expenditure statement is required for terms repayment options.

Cancellation and Postponement
Academic Programmes:
Should a student want to cancel or postpone their studies for any reason, the following will apply:

– Notice of intention to cancel/postpone needs to be communicated in writing to the personal programme advisor. The full semester fees will still be due and payable, irrespective of payment method.
– If no written cancellation is received, the student will be liable for the following semester’s fees.
– Nonattendance in class, nonsubmission or failure to submit or participate an assessment does not constitute a cancellation and the semester fees are still payable and due.
– Written acceptance of the cancellation will be submitted to the student by the personal programme advisor.
– Regenesys will not be held liable for failure to receive faxed cancellation notices.

Individual Module:
If you have enrolled for an individual module you will be liable for the full module fee.

Short Courses:
If cancellation of a management development course or short course occurs with less than 5 days’ notice, the full course amount will be due, otherwise the cancellation administration fee of R1,000 will be payable. If no advance payment or deposit has been made, then the tax invoice issued will be credited and a new tax invoice issued with a full administration fee of R1,000 per person.

Regenesys reserves the right to postpone or cancel a scheduled course due to insufficient learner numbers or any reason deemed fair by Regenesys. Registered applicants will be provided with an alternative course date or offered a refund.

Payment of Study Fees*

    • Regenesys Management offers the following payment methods to students for academic programmes:
      • Monthly (by compulsory debit order)
      • Modular
      • Per semester
      • Upfront
      • Annual
      • Bank loan through a recognised financial institution


    • If a student elects to pay on a monthly basis:
      • The first month’s payment must be paid in advance.
      • A signed debit order needs to be completed. Should a payment be returned by the bank, the student needs to reimburse Regenesys within 5 (five) days of being informed thereof. Failure to do so will render the students’ studies suspended.
      • Should a monthly debit order be returned by the bank on a second occasion, in addition to reimbursing Regenesys within 5 (five) days, the student’s monthly payment arrangements will immediately be forfeited and the student will then have to pay in advance for each module attended.
      • A returned debit order administration fee will be charged.
      • An option for an extended monthly payment period is available, subject to approval.


    • If the student elects to pay for each module separately, payments for these modules have to be made at least 5 (five) days prior to commencement of the module, failing which, the student will not be allowed to attend class.


    • If a student elects to pay for each semester, the fee for the semester has to be paid at least 5 (five) days prior to commencement of the semester, failing which, the student will not be allowed to attend class. Should a student attend class, he/she will be liable for fees


    • In the case of up-front payments, course fees need to be paid prior to commencement and attendance of the course.


    • Should the student elect to take a study loan through a recognised financial institution, Regenesys will facilitate the necessary forms and contact details for a select number of these institutions. However, payment for the respective course needs to be received by Regenesys prior to commencement of the course.


    • If the student is studying through the e-leaming portal, access to the portal shall be blocked should a students’ fees not be paid as envisaged under points a. ii-vi above.


  • Should any monies due by the student or the signatory/ies under his/her contract with Regenesys not be paid by due date, the student may be excluded from:
    • Attending further lectures, and/or
    • Submission of assignments, and/or
    • Access to the campus and all other facilities, and/or
    • The release of assessment results and/or graduation until such time as all monies due have been paid in full. This is without prejudice to any other rights of Regenesys. Exclusion as set above, will not relieve the signatory/ies of any obligation to pay the contract amount, or any balance then outstanding.
    • The signatory/ies will remain liable for all expenses incurred by Regenesys as a result of any breach of his/her/their part of this contract and acknowledge/s that this may include legal tracing and collection costs.

Refund of Prepaid Monies
Refund of any deposits and/or advance payments are subject to Regenesys’ cancellation terms as set out above. Regenesys will only refund monies to the original source/issuer and reserves the right to refund monies in the same method in which they were received.

Regenesys reserves the right to postpone or cancel a scheduled course. Registered applicants will be provided with an alternative course date or offered a refund of course fees.

Academic Support and Other Charges*
Student fees include the value of one reassessment and one supplementary examination. Additional services over and above the course costs are applicable as follows and charged per event, as per the current academic regulations;

Scheduled Dates and Fees
Annual Increases:
Regenesys reserves the right to increase contracted fees on an annual basis, as well as to change scheduled dates.

Extended Tuition Fees:
Should a student not complete the course within the timeframe stipulated as per the programme schedule, Regenesys reserves the right to adjust the outstanding module fees to those of the current retail price and to levy an extension fee, which shall be reviewed from time to time.

PoPI Act No. 4
Regenesys complies with the South African Protection of Personal Information (PoPI)
Act No. 4 of 2013 and will therefore not forward any client information to a third party without the client’s consent.

Every applicant or student warrants that information supplied by themselves or on their behalf regarding prior qualification for entry requirement is true, accurate and legally valid. Should this be found not to be the case, the student or applicant will be legally bound to pay as per normal cancellation clauses, and any studies will be for nondegree purposes.

Consent Clauses
Regenesys Management reserves the right to appoint an agent to collect outstanding monies on their behalf and to institute legal proceedings against the applicant for the recovery of any monies outstanding as a result of default in payment, and in such event the applicant acknowledges that the applicant shall be liable for all legal costs incurred by Regenesys Management in the collection of the outstanding balance on the scale as between attorney or debt collectors and client, including collection of commission on capital, interest and costs, as well as the tracing and administrative costs incurred by the appointed agent for the recovery of any amounts owing.

The applicant/undersigned hereby chooses e-mail, sms or regular post as the communication method for all accounts and notices for services supplied.

The applicant/undersigned consents to Regenesys Management using a national credit database for tracing purposes should the applicant/undersigned abscond, or become otherwise untraceable.

The applicant/undersigned consents to Regenesys Management being entitled to obtain credit and related information concerning the applicant/undersigned at any time, and to exchange or lodge and/or disclose such information with any credit bureau without any further notice to the applicant/undersigned.

Liability Disclaimer
Neither Regenesys Management (Pty) Ltd nor any of its directors, suppliers, employees or agents will be held liable for accidents, illness, losses or damage to private property of whatever nature either in South Africa or abroad, of registered Regenesys learners, however arising or caused. Learners are strongly recommended to seek insurance cover for health and accident, lost luggage and/or personal belongings and trip cancellation.

Firearms are prohibited in all public areas at Regenesys.

Consent to Information
Regenesys periodically sends out information to advise all registered students and/or signedup participants of new developments, programmes and events that might be of interest or relevance to their personal development and career advancement. Any student or participant who wishes to stop receiving any such communication from Regenesys is requested to indicate this by opting out, or sending an e-mail to this effect, to info@regenesys.co.za.

Regenesys Mode of Learning
In order to make learning accessible to all registered Regenesys students irrespective of their location, Regenesys is investing in e-learning resources. This involves the recording of live classes and events for livestreaming and distribution through downloadable video files on Regenesys websites. In this way Regenesys students have different options to benefit from lectures whether they are able to attend class or not. Regenesys may also use recorded material for demonstration or promotion of its activities or depicted events to future audiences.

Updates to Terms and Conditions
Regenesys reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. Current terms and conditions are published on Regenesys’ s website and may be viewed at www.regenesys.co.za/terms-and-conditions.

*Applicable to academic courses and qualification programmes.

‘Free business education’ is a collection of materials made available by Regenesys in line with specific formal academic programmes, for free access by anyone who, at any given time, cannot afford to enrol in a formal programme.

‘free-business education participant’ is someone who has signed up for free access to academic programme material for self-study, and is acquiring learning from online materials provided by Regenesys.

Copyright Reserved
Copyright persists in all materials published on any Regenesys media or website. No part of the material on this website may be produced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, broadcast or otherwise, without the written permission of the publisher and/or Regenesys Management.

Empowerment Limitation
The participant understands that free business education, although in line with formal business qualifications offered by Regenesys, is offered to empower individuals for personal and social development, and will by no means nullify or replace minimum requirements or prerequisites for any formal qualification as stipulated by education authorities in any country, including required minimum qualification study duration or registered-student period.

Consent to Information
Regenesys periodically sends out information to advise all registered students and or signedup participants of new developments, programmes and events that might be of interest or relevance to their personal development and career advancement. Any student or participant who wishes to stop receiving any such communication from Regenesys is requested to indicate by opting out, or sending an e-mail to this effect, to info@regenesys.co.za