Student loan with the new Regenesys Process Office

Do you want to achieve one of our many academic qualifications, but don’t have enough money? Are you in the middle of studying for your MBA, BBA, HCBM, or one of the multitude of short courses, but lack of cash looks likely to stop you from completing your degree?

Regenesys Business School can now help you secure bank loans, sureties and the money you need to achieve your potential through our new Process and Loan Office.

Most students need financial assistance now and then. With a student loan, facilitated through one of our well-trained Account Executives at the Regenesys Process Office, there is no reason for you not to pursue your passion or study further towards the career and life you want. Let us help you to finance your studies with an affordable student loan through the bank.

You can use the money from your student loan to pay for your tuition fees and accommodation (1).

You can also apply for a once-off amount to cover the cost of your books and equipment such as a laptop, etc. The bank designs the student loan facility around you. This means that your repayments depend on how you study and the interest rate is determined by the bank. The beauty of a student loan is that you will only need to start repaying your loan, on completion of your studies (2).

During your time of study, the surety will need to pay the monthly interest and service fees. You will be granted a grace period for capital repayments after you have completed your studies – and have not found employment. The grace period may be extended if you have to complete your articles, internship or community service (3).

We at Regenesys Business School understand that applying for a student loan can be a little intimidating. You do not always have the time to go directly to a bank. Our Process Office will gladly assist you in facilitating your student loan application through the bank. Please contact our Process Office and ask to speak to one of our Account Executives, who will gladly facilitate the student loan application on your behalf.

There is a world of exciting possibilities out there, don’t let anything keep you from getting ahead. After all, you have the world at your feet – your time is now! Take the first step and apply for a student loan with the help of the Regenesys Process Office today.

We look forward to you joining us as a student soon! Contact us at studentloans@regenesys.co.za

(1) Only if you are a full-time student not living at home.
(2) Subject to the bank’s terms and conditions.
(3) Subject to arrangements between surety and the bank.

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