Speak from Your Heart Intelligence

We know of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence, do we consider Heart Intelligence? We talk of ‘following your heart’, ‘leading from the heart’ and ‘speak from your heart’ – heart intelligence is the ability to integrate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

What’s the difference between Mental Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Heart Intelligence?

  • Physical Intelligence is the consciousness or programming behind each cell, our DNA and molecular structure that tells the body exactly what to do and when.
  • Mental Intelligence, known as IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the measure of your ability to think and reason.
  • Emotional Intelligence, referred to as EQ (Emotional Quotient), is your ability to identify and assess your emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Spiritual Intelligence, referred to as SQ, is the intelligence or wisdom of the soul.

Your heart, when energized, has the capacity to unify, or bring into a state of coherence all systems in your body. Heart Intelligence integrates the heart, body, and mind so that you can:

  • Improve your mental focus and clarity regardless of what’s happening around you;
  • Create an optimal inner terrain for healing and for easing the stress of chronic pain and illness, by consciously accessing your heart’s wisdom;
  • Build an inner reserve of energy that helps you to thrive in these complex and chaotic times;
  • Activate your heart’s intelligence to bring your work and life into greater alignment with your deeper life purpose;
  • Create more authentic, intimate and harmonious relationships, and;
  • Achieve your goals more quickly and easily.

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