The Future of the IT Security In The New Digital Age


The forum will address the future role of HR in the FMCG industry and the challenges faced in the new digital age. By attending this forum you will learn about HR in the FMCG industry and the role the function plays in reshaping the future.

You will learn that the most effective HR leaders in the FMCG industry are those who balance the need for labour and elasticity with the constant drive toward increased productivity and innovation.
You will understand that an HR strategy for the FMCG industry must reflect the future landscape and an increasingly important factor is automation.  The forum will consist of a number of participants who will each discuss a particular aspect of the future challenges and opportunities faced by HR professionals in the FMCG industry. The audience will get an opportunity to direct questions to the forum members and as a result attendees will get their most pressing questions answered.

The Internet of things (IOT) is changing cybersecurity in our homes, work and offices, while smart devices are now more connected externally and open up organizations for network exposures on all levels. Implementing and managing a IT security strategy is now a key issue for any organisation. Ransomware attacks continue to evolve more sophisticated ways to get onto corporate networks. Cryptocurrencies have enabled cybercrime to become a profitable way to make money directly from malware. Already the social engineering aspect of successful attacks is far more sophisticated and tailored than ever before. The digital revolution is having an unprecedented impact on interconnectivity, the future of work, people, development and learning. Developments in robotics, social media, AI, drones, machine learning, and virtual reality, are changing the requirements of the future workforce and with it the need for IT and cyber security in increasing daily. IT security professionals have to prepare themselves and protect their organizations from continuous random attacks and cyber criminals.