Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management 1

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management: Creating New Leaders and Managers


If managing means to lead and leading requires considerable knowledge, then the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) is the ideal certificate you need to take your understanding and practice of business to the next level.

From garage-sprouting startups to decades-old multinational conglomerates, businesses are seeking the right fit to develop new products, grow their brands, lead their staff, and manage operations effectively in a bid to create value and maximise profit.

To do that successfully in the right job, you need to increase your understanding of the business environment.

Increasing your knowledge is precisely what the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management offers.

Beyond being the perfect bridge to lead you into a successful career in mid- and senior management roles that can turnaround the fortunes of any business, the programme is designed to inspire you into becoming a conscious leader.

As a junior executive or fresh Bachelor’s degree graduate hoping to get ahead and climb the ladder of corporate success swiftly, acquiring the PDBM is a surefire way to make you valuable to your employers, customers, and colleagues.

However, it does not end there!

A PDBM graduate from Regenesys Business School is also exposed to the rudiments of business research and how to start up a business from scratch.

In other words, beyond getting a job and rising to the top of the corporate world, the PDBM is designed to create entrepreneurs who can develop products or services, sell them to the market, and manage the business effectively.

Operating from the heart of Sandton, Regenesys prides itself as one of South Africa’s most sought after business schools offering topnotch managerial and leadership programmes of which the PDBM is a critical anchor.

The world-class and consistently fresh modules, case studies, and hands-on practical contents are delivered by time-tested professionals and academics who boast of many years of experience and research accomplishments cut across diverse industries.

As an institution with a very high academic standard, Regenesys ensures that its Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management modules are regularly updated so they keep up with modern trends while also introducing students to the possibilities and challenges that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring with it.

After one year interacting with facilitators, other students, and industry experts (during multiple scheduled seminars), the PDPM graduate would have been equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge in Project Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, among other modules.

With such new skills and knowledge, you can rest assured that the PDBM program would prepare you for the job of today and opportunities to come in the future, making you highly competitive in the job market as well as opening the door to an NQF level 8 MBA and a doctorate, subsequently.


One year of study;

Multiple advanced courses;

An opportunity to improve on your salary package and general worth in a learning environment that is truly splendid and functional;

That is what the Regenesys Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management promises;

That is exactly what you are sure of getting!

The PDBM is an NQF level 8 (120 credits) qualification offered over a minimum period of one year, and a maximum of two years.

Core Modules

Advanced Project Management

Advanced Human Resource Management

Financial Management and Management Accounting