The Future of the Agriculture Industry in the New Digital Age


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Panel Speakers

Denene Erasmus
Fanie Fereirra
Linda Van Der Merwe
Marketing Leader Africa Middle East
Shirley Mangena
Wellington Sikuka
Agricultural Specialist,
Wessel Lemmer,
Senior Agricultural Economist
Willie Jacobs
Agricultural Finance Specialist Consultant and Deal Facilitator

Event Overview
As humans stride into Industry 4.0 to face various changes that will affect how we live, so will farming – and general agricultural practices – change too.

The future is uncertain but very exciting; thus, farmers need to start adopting technology-aided techniques if they want to stay productive and competitive in the market.

Whether for a small-scale farmer or big agro-allied enterprise involved in the whole agro-value-chain, current and future technological innovations are poised to change how the agriculture business is done.


For instance, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract data gathered via satellite and drone images, one can get real-time data about pests and disease protection measures. New tech like mobile apps, wearable devices and automated sensors can quickly and effortlessly gather data which can, in turn, help banks and insurers to assess the risks associated with agricultural business proposals and ventures.


The digital revolution is having an unprecedented impact on the future of agriculture around the world, and South Africa is no exception. Developments in robotics, social media, AI, pesticide-spraying and disease-monitoring drones, as well as virtual reality, among other innovations, are rapidly changing the demands and inputs present and future agricultural processes require.


To stay in the loop and profit from the impending changes, professionals in the agriculture sector need to find new ways to manage talent – attract, develop, reward and retain, as well as to inspire passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence.

Event Outcomes
The forum will address the future role of agriculture and the challenges faced in the new Digital Age. Participants will learn about agriculture in the 4th Industrial revolution, and the role technology will play in reshaping the future.


They will learn that the most effective leaders in the agriculture industry are those that can balance the need for labour and elasticity with the constant drive toward increased productivity and innovation.


At the end of the forum, participants will come to understand that agriculture in South Africa must reflect future realities – of which automation is an increasingly important factor.


The forum will consist of a group of panelists who will each discuss a particular aspect of the future challenges and opportunities faced by agriculture in South Africa. The audience will also get a chance to direct questions to the forum members and panelists, and as a result, attendees will get their most pressing questions answered.

Event Details
Date: Thursday, 19 September 2019

Registration: 7am

Time: 8am-11am

Cost: R390 per person

Venue: Regenesys Campus, 4 Pybus Road, Sandton


Breakfast will be served.


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