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Event Overview
How do I attract and retain productive millennials to augment my workforce; how do I integrate these “digital natives,” a restless bunch of tech-savvy young people, into my organisation’s corporate culture without necessarily breaking their “free and adventurous spirit?”

These are the kinds of questions keeping CEOs and other business leaders awake at night, questions researchers in Ivory Towers are struggling to provide answers to given the rapid changes the business world has witnessed in the last 25 years, thanks to the internet.

Developing a cross-generational philosophy is a difficult task considering the difference in attitude and disposition of corporate-inclined baby boomers and freelance-inclined Millennials.

Will reciprocal mentoring work better than reverse mentoring, can your business get future-fit without allowing a young and vibrant generation take over the reins of power, can you trust these social media-crazed lot to start making the right decisions right now?

The conundrum is real and playing out in every organisation every single day.

With more young people than any other continent, Africa’s youth population will be a critical game-changer, the set of new business leaders that will attempt to take the continent to the next level.

How then do you integrate them into your pool of employees right now; not tomorrow, not in 20 years, but today?!

To work with this generation entering the labour market in their millions yearly, business leaders must understand them and must flow with them.

Enforcing work ethics and corporate culture that has been effective before now will be just as crucial as allowing these young people to explore, create, take risks and fail forward.

The millennial does not want a boss; he is looking for a coach, a mentor to hold his hands and help him become more creative and exploratory.

If your business requires young men and women to work in various capacities, you must find and quickly finetune a balance between leading from the head of the table, on the one hand, and allowing their imaginations to run wild, on the other hand.

You need to “get woke” or “get owned;” Millennials are taking over the world, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about that!

They’ve got the numbers, the motivation and the passion for changing the world of work as we know it today.

Event Outcomes
The programme will unpack their unique mindset and show you practical ways of attracting this gang of high-spirited young men and women.

Live sessions with some smart and work-ready millennials as well as games and presentations delivered by well-respected academics will also present you with new methods to retain the best and brightest brains in the Gen Y-age category.

You’ll learn to:

  • Evaluate these employees based on their output and not on the number of hours they spend sitting on an office chair
  • Quantify their input based on singular projects objectives as against traditionally assessing KPI holistically
  • Use team-collaborative smartphone apps (like Trello and Asana) for evaluation and monitoring of project as against demanding weekly or monthly reports
  • Ditch the whiteboard and colourful markers. Learn how to use social networking apps (like Calendly, Clockify, Skype, and Slack) to keep everyone up to speed with projects and tasks in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Forget roundtable meetings; these excitable dudes and babes want flexibility. Learn how to create the workspace millennials love: from software options to social activities, and more fun
  • In this age of fast WiFi and instant noodles, the millennial wants instant rewards too. Learn how to recognise and instantly reward “titbit” milestone successes
  • Yaaas! Learn how to communicate with them and how to speak with emojis and abbreviated texts. “Millennial speak” is the language they are comfortable to communicate in and is the language of the tech-driven future. Stay “woke”
  • …and many more! 

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