MBAs’ Can Master Operations Management

The trajectory of an MBA graduate looking to forge a career in operations management is nothing but glaring

Obtaining an MBA is like getting a Duesenberg to add to your car collection; the only difference is that an MBA can never be defunct like this automobile company did unless the universe says otherwise. So imagine coming from the conveyor belt and being thrust straight into the fast life of an operations manager. Still holding on to such imaginings can serve as fuel for success for an ambitious person because these corporate streets are paved with platinum. The sidewalk is like something of a flea market where you can shop for your ideal career, be it as a supply chain manager, a project manager or an operations manager. This makes the scope of an MBA in this field very lustrous because this qualification arms you with tools to be able to plan, galvanise and manage large productions of goods or services. An MBA allows you to be solutions driven, exceptional at communication and well versed at implementing correct strategies at the needed time.

Let’s shift gears for a second and try putting this into perspective for those chasing this dream of being a Master of Business Administration. In this course one is built to be a leader in their chosen business practice, people are given the ability to apply all the theoretical knowledge they have received during their studies. Meaning that the individual gets to oversee all the processes that make a company tick. Through time management skills learned an operations manager must ensure that deadlines are met according to productions schedules, that budgets are adhered to, and that warehousing and purchasing meet the demands of customers, externally and internally. Therefore clutching an MBA for this line of work prepares the incumbent for everything that lies ahead in the operations management environment. The standard requirement for acquiring an MBA is that one should be in possession of a graduate degree or advanced diploma, as well as 1-2 work experience.

An MBA gives one a broader understanding of carrying out inventory management, logistics and overall operations of productions systems. To steer such a corporate ship, one has to be Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, well more Wolff than Hamilton because you’re at the helm of the engine. The design is just engineered for this industry. Which leads us to the all-important question or should I say “issue’ of remuneration for such Superman or Superwoman efforts. Well, consequently an MBA in operations management can brighten up your ride to the bank, making it sweeter than a chocolate Sunday. I used the three big cities of South Africa as examples as to what one can earn as an operations manager with an MBA in hand. In the city of Johannesburg, the average salary is R400k before adding all the niceties of bonuses, profit shares and commissions. The latter three apply universally by the way. In the Mother City of Cape Town, an operations manager is looking at getting R427k, whilst in Durban, the figure is around R338k. To quench your excitement, these salary scales are annual. Of course, the wages are determined by experience and entry-level packages come in at around R200 000. Not bad for an honest year’s work don’t you think!?

Going into the last lap of the money chase, my “over-take” on the effects an MBA has in the operations management racetrack is that it’s all luminous LED headlights. The future can only be as bright as one wants to shine. No company can say no to a managerially well developed individual who understands business operations and having the knowledge of government policies that affect the day to day running of goods production and services rendered. A leader who is capable of wearing many hats in dealing with different people from all walks of life in the corporate world. In closing, an MBA in this context would be like giving Usain Bolt performance enhancing drugs or having Ronaldo and Messi in one team- you are guaranteed results.


*Job Titles after obtaining an MBA in Operations:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Consultant Contractor

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