Learnerships can Improve Your B-BBEE Rating and Ensure Tax Rebates

Potgieter find the new changes very encouraging for the future of the South African economy. “This translates into a financial win for local businesses and will impact positively on a company’s B-BBEE scorecard and result in significant future tax rebates!”

Large and qualifying small enterprises are ranked according to the B-BBEE scorecard and this includes points given to score businesses for ownership, skills development and enterprise and supplier development. The B-BBEE scoring gives higher points to businesses for employing and promoting black employees.

The onus is on businesses to train the learners in their specific sector and thus help improve their target market. A printing company won’t get points for sending staff to a course on fishing – it must be in their field.Further changes to the scorecard include shifting the focus to black women and ensuring that they are hired for management positions, giving firms higher points.

Learnerships allow participants to work and get started on their careers while also studying for an educational qualification.Unemployed South Africans can only participate in a learnership, if there is an employer prepared to provide the required work experience. “Now businesses can enroll unemployed people for learnerships and this gives them extra B-BBEE points,” Teffu enthuses.

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