IPM 63rd Annual Convention

IPM  63rd  Annual Convention 1

Regenesys has progressively confirmed that it is a world-class institution that places the progress of people and the sustainability of the planet in the top agenda of its corporate governance policy and values.


It is no surprise that the leading South African brand has gone global, continually training thousands of students from around the world in ethical leadership for corporate business and public service.


In recognition of its astounding success which has seen the Business School provide competent and capable leaders and managers to hundreds of businesses and government departments over the past twenty years, the Institute of People Management’s 2019 convention will be graced by two of the institution’s key executives.


The 63rd IPM convention with the theme: Transforming work, workspaces, and society to sustain people, profit, and the planet is as timely as it is crucial, considering the rapid changes Industry 4.0 brings to present work models.


Speaking at the event scheduled to hold at Sun City from the 20-23 October 2019 is the Chairperson of the Regenesys group of companies, Dr Marko Saravanja, as well as the patron of the Good Governance Academy, Prof Mervyn King SC.


As a Chair Emeritus of the IPM and a world-renowned champion for sustainability and ethical Corporate Governance, Prof King is expected to unpack new ideas and inject progressive thinking into the minds of C-suite managers as they strive to transform the workforce to balance profit and planet-wide sustainable development.


Dr Saravanja is no stranger to awakening the potential of the management and other personnel in an organisation.


His experience leading several very successful business enterprises that employ hundreds of people across cultural and national boundaries is legendary, and participants at the convention will be thrilled to drink from his fountain of knowledge.


Having led from the top for many years, authored life-enriching publications, and surmounted many challenges as they work towards birthing a new breed of employees, both are eminently qualified to share knowledge and recommend how the workforce of the future should be recruited, motivated, and rewarded.