Students from India intern in SA and find friendly support

International Regenesys students who have just completed their internships in South Africa found locals to be very friendly and supportive and they would definitely recommend Regenesys to others in India.

“The people are so friendly here – if you are walking in the street, people will come up to you and say hello. If they ask,‘Where are you from?’ and I say, ‘India’ – they go, ‘Oh, India!’ It’s very nice!” says Kumar Ankit (28) of Ranchi.

He did his internship at FP&M SETA and was impressed with their organisational culture. “Anybody can go to anyone and ask anything – there is no hierarchy here”. He was also touched by South African generosity, “On the day I left, the office organised cake for me!”

Ankit found his time in South Africa to be a life-changing experience. “I want to thank Regenesys for giving us the opportunity to come and visit this country. We have had a good experience here and I would like my juniors to come here. We received an openhearted welcome – and they took us out to various places including the Lion Park!” he says.

Sumit Narwani (23) of Bhopal too worked as an intern for FP&M SETA, “It was a different experience working in a different environment with different people,” he comments. He found the staff to be frank, loving and caring. “South Africa is really beautiful, people are very generous.” He spent time in Cape Town and summed it up in one word, “Heaven!”

His experience at Regenesys “was a pleasure! The people helped me at every step and guided me a lot, they told me the pros and cons and were always there for me”.

His colleague Satish Saini (23) of Jaipur agrees wholeheartedly. ” It was a good experience, I learnt a lot!” He interned as a marketing executive for BizFarm in Johannesburg and was responsible for assessments and digital platforms. “It was hard work and a lot of fun!” South Africa taught him many things, “The first thing I learnt is how to greet! That is lacking in India”.

He found South Africans humble and so supportive,“especially Lala and Patience (of Regenesys).”He concludes, “I would definitely recommend Regenesys to my juniors at the Jaipuria Institute of Management. It has really been a learning and international experience.”

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