Customer Experience in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Adding EQ ‘into’ AI

Customer Service in the New Digital Age: The critical factor for business success, going forward Are you into retail or work for a B2B, B2C, or online firm as a Customer Experience manager; do you know that how you approach customer service in the new Digital Age would – to a large extent, determine if

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As the 4th Industrial Revolution kicks into full gear, corporate institutions in South Africa and around the world are battling to keep up with the challenge of bringing their customer experience departments in sync with artificial intelligence and related technology.

Like every other sector in the polity, digitisation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the emergence of the millennial in managerial positions of big and small corporates are combining to cause significant disruptions in the way companies to conduct business.

This generation who grew up seeing and using smartphones and mobile apps for just about everything is posing new questions to legacy financial institutions whose business model align with the top-to-bottom approach – particularly concerning how this demographic access the products and services on offer.

Will this legacy – and not so old – corporate firms be able to cope with the wave of change shaping the world already?

Will they be able to provide customer-centric and value-driven support and services to a generation that wants answers and instant solutions at the tap of a button or as they swipe left and right on the screens of their smartphones?


The future of Customer Service in the financial services industry in the new Digital Age

The future of Customer Service in the financial services industry in the new Digital Age

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