Time Management

Time is a natural resource. The problem with it is that the more we need of it, the less we seem to have. The more we try to save, it the faster it seems to pass. It is a reality that some people are better than others at managing their time effectively. However, every now and then every one of us feels overwhelmed by the number of activities that we have to complete within a limited amount of time. The ability to squeeze as much as we can into a limited number of hours seems to be the most striking difference between good and poor time managers. This skills course is aimed at assisting people in organisations to plan and utilise the time available to then in a more effective and efficient way.

Credits: 10

NQF level: 5

Entry Level Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

Identify personal benefits using the ‘effective techniques’ model

Explain the steps to be followed in prioritising tasks are explained and/or demonstrated

Apply the behaviour and techniques of a good time manager

Describe the personal benefit of having a time management programme

Apply prioritising techniques in the carrying out of daily tasks

Apply the steps of setting goals and planning time


This programme is accredited by Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA). On completion, the following certification will be awarded:

A PSETA Statement of Results will be awarded to all delegates who successfully complete the unit standards’ portfolio requirements; or

A Regenesys Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who attended all training sessions, but who do not complete any portfolio requirements successfully.


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Time Management

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