Introduction to Human Resource Management

This skills course introduces human resource management principles and processes. Participants will become familiar with human resource management terminology, concepts, processes and principles, factors that contribute to the successful management of people in the work environment, why people behave as they do, motivation and conflict management principles, the role of organisational culture and reward systems, relevant legislation and group dynamics.

Participants will delve into the human resource management employee cycle by examining recruitment, selection and induction processes, training and development and managing the performance of team members by conducting one-to-one training and analysing employment relations.

Credits: 33

NQF level: 3 and 4

Exit Level Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

Identify key human resource management terminology, concepts, and definitions within the retail sector;

Understand human resource management and human resource models;

Explain the importance of relevant legislation pertaining to human resource management;

Understand key human resource management success and failure factors;

Describe the processes necessary to manage group dynamics effectively in order to establish a healthy and productive work environment;

Align retail organisational, team and individual objectives;

Understand effective techniques to supervise, delegate and provide feedback to employees;

Understand the process of conducting effective performance appraisals;

Outline the key processes and techniques to motivate people and manage conflict effectively; and

Examine the role that organisational culture and reward systems play in an organisation.


This programme is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). On completion, the following certification will be awarded:

A SABPP Statement of Results will be awarded to all delegates who successfully complete some, but not all, of the unit standards’ portfolio requirements. The Statement of Results will only reflect the unit standards successfully completed; or

A Regenesys Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who attended all training sessions, but who do not complete any portfolio requirements successfully.


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Introduction to Human Resource Management

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