Disciplinary hearings

This skills course is intended for line manager or human resource management practitioners who may be involved in disciplinary hearing procedures in an organisation. The course is geared to provide a practical application to conducting disciplinary hearings within a simulated work environment. Participants will analyse and examine disciplinary procedures for a specific organisation and implement procedure according to reviewed policies.

Credits: 5

NQF level: 6

Exit Level Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

Analyse prescribed disciplinary hearing procedures and processes

Identify the disciplinary hearing procedure of a specific organisation

Analyse disciplinary policies of a specific organisation

Plan to conduct a disciplinary hearing

Conduct a disciplinary hearing

Examine and complete relevant disciplinary hearing documentation


This programme is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). On completion, the following certification will be awarded:

A SABPP Statement of Results will be awarded to all delegates who successfully complete the unit standards’ portfolio requirements; or

A Regenesys Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who attended all training sessions, but who do not complete any portfolio requirements successfully.


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Disciplinary hearings

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