Advanced Project Management

Project management may be perceived as a ‘hard’ skill, yet experienced project managers continue to emphasise that ‘soft’ skills are equally, if not more, important. This course focuses on the current body of technical project management knowledge and also places strong emphasis on leadership, team dynamics and stakeholder management.

Participants will learn to analyse and evaluate the processes and techniques required to select and manage projects that will meet the strategic objectives of an organisation.

This course will benefit managers, executives, entrepreneurs and individuals who require additional knowledge and skills to manage complex projects and programmes.

Exit Level Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

Critically explain strategic and project management terminology, concepts, and definitions

Interrogate the link between strategic management, programme management and project management

Evaluate key project success and failure factors within a specific work environment

Examine the skills and processes necessary to manage group dynamics and project teams effectively

Successfully analyse problems, develop a feasible project strategy, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a project

Identify, understand and involve appropriate stakeholders in the project management process

Apply key project management tools and formulate a Gantt chart, project structure, budget, PERT, Logical Framework, and Work Breakdown Schedule.

Manage time more effectively and efficiently

Identify processes and apply key skills to manage human resources

Evaluate project risks and develop a proactive risk-management strategy

Identify, critique and manage the quality aspects of a project

Critically review key issues related to outsourcing, tender management and contract management

Apply project management software as a project management tool

ICompose professional project documents, reports and proposals


A Certificate of Competence will be awarded to all participants who successfully submit and pass their assignments, and exams*

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all who successfully submit and pass their assignments

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all who attended the training session

On successful completion of this short learning programme, the participant may be considered for exemption from the equivalent course in the respective qualification, provided that he or she meets qualification entrance criteria. Exemption fees may apply.


2-day, 4-evening course contact time including facilitation and group activities

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Advanced Project Management