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The Future of IT Security in the Digital Age: An Opportunity for Africa to Arise
As the 4th Industrial Revolution kicks into top gear, there is a consensus among scholars, industry practitioners, and consumers of ICT products and services that the future of the world is intractably tied to technology. This reality makes the future of cybersecurity in the digital age a big deal. Imagine your hi-tech electric car stopping abruptly...
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MBA student loans
Quality tertiary education can be expensive. Knowing how to finance MBA student loans may be the best route to achieve your dreams! Accessing a student loan facility to study for an MBA – or any other degree – has proven to be an essential driver for building a society that is well educated and progressive. Were...
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MBA subjects
You might have wondered too, what exactly are the subjects included in an MBA curriculum, what modules would you have to study to acquire the Master of Business administration degree that is designed to thrust you into management and leadership positions? Some have also asked: what are the best fields to focus on in an MBA...
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How Much Does an MBA Cost
  So you are curious too, you want to know how much an MBA costs in South Africa; you want to know what MBA fees are and if they are truly worth it. Welcome; we’ve got all the details for you! Before we break it down, answer this sincerely: how much are you willing to invest...
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