More South Africans want higher education and Regenesys is stepping in

The function room at Regenesys Business School’s Sandton campus was filled to the brim, being the venue where over 300 potential students gathered to begin the journey to a better life. The two-decade old institution has been at the forefront of advocating for an educated South Africa. In this wise, the board and management of […]

Proactiveness and speed: the keys to flourishing in the VUCA World!

MBA grads and seasoned business managers in all corners of the Earth are presently grappling with understanding the VUCA world (a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous business environment). This struggle to keep up with such rapid changes that are, at best, different from what textbooks and case studies teach is real and tortuously keeping the […]

E-learning in South Africa: a win-win for everybody

On-campus contact study mode or e-learning mode, which imparts knowledge better? This question is the crux of many investigations and research in a bid to determine if the new wave of online education is a flash in the pan or the way of the future. South Africa, like other nations of the world, is at […]

The Future of Agriculture in the Digital Age

The Future of Agriculture in the Digital Age is Exciting and Promising

Bottom line: Technology is changing farming and the whole agriculture value chain; this is good news for the farmer, retailer, and the consumer! From drones firing seedlings across a vast farm area to self-driving tractors tilling the soil or harvesting massive tracts of wheat effortlessly, tech entrepreneurs are happily partnering with farmers to redefine agriculture […]

The South African Business Schools Association on the current violence in South Africa

THE SOUTH African Business Schools Association (SABSA) unequivocally condemns in the strongest terms the violence currently tearing South Africa apart in all its manifestations from xenophobia to gender-based violence. In finding sustainable solutions to this crisis though it is critically important to understand that the problem is neither new nor are the causes simple, instead [...]
Certificate, diploma, and degree: The difference!

Certificate, diploma, and degree: The difference in South Africa!

A certificate, diploma, or degree programme? Do you want to know which one will serve you better; which one will get you a better job, the much-desired promotion, and a better income? You are not alone; many people are confused too! Frequently, people hoping to get an education and progress to the next stage of […]

The Chemical Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The future of the Chemical Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution, otherwise called Industry 4.0, cannot become a reality without the chemical industry considering that the sophisticated gadgets that carry the binary codes in the Digital Age all rely on this industry one way or another. The parts and casings required for manufacturing robots, computers, smartphones, fibre cables, and virtually every other […]


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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Regenesys Business School

Top 10 reasons why a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree is right for you

While government at all levels perpetually struggle to employ as many people as the civil service can absorb, local and international businesses hire far more people yearly and that factor makes studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree one of the best decisions you could ever make. The programme offers an all-round understanding of […]

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