The Chemical Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The future of the Chemical Industry in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution, otherwise called Industry 4.0, cannot become a reality without the chemical industry considering that the sophisticated gadgets that carry the binary codes in the Digital Age all rely on this industry one way or another. The parts and casings required for manufacturing robots, computers, smartphones, fibre cables, and virtually every other […]


The future of customer services In The New Digital AgeThe future of IT security In The New Digital AgeThe future of The Chemical Industry In The New Digital Age
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Regenesys Business School

Top 10 reasons why a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree is right for you

While government at all levels perpetually struggle to employ as many people as the civil service can absorb, local and international businesses hire far more people yearly and that factor makes studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree one of the best decisions you could ever make. The programme offers an all-round understanding of […]

MBA Student at Regenesys Speaks to SABC News

As robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, genetics and biotechnology, machine-learning, and 3-D printing become widespread in industries, powered by 5G super-fast internet technology, the labour market will feel a cataclysmic impact that will definitely displace many jobs, make a lot of people redundant, and completely redefine work as we know it today. However, these technologies [...]
2019 National Women’s Day, South Africa: Taking women from bedrooms into boardrooms

National Women’s Day, South Africa: Taking women from bedrooms into boardrooms

South African, nay African women have come of age; the time has come for the other half of humanity to take her place at the decision table! That is exactly what the 20,000 women who marched decades ago would wish for this year’s National Women’s Day remembrance. It was the outstanding African-American wordsmith, Toni Morrison, […]

MBA elective courses in South Africa

MBA elective courses you can choose in South Africa

MBA elective courses are the icing on the cake for potential graduates. These modules are subject-matter specific and designed to streamline the career of the candidate in a focused manner. For a South African MBA graduate, this is a big deal. Why? South Africa is tied at the top spot with Nigeria as the continent’s […]

Customer Experience in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Adding EQ ‘into’ AI

As the 4th Industrial Revolution kicks into full gear, corporate institutions in South Africa and around the world are battling to keep up with the challenge of bringing their customer experience departments in sync with artificial intelligence and related technology. Like every other sector in the polity, digitisation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the emergence of […]

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