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Transformational leadership and work engagement in the Automotive retail industry

Abstract Real leadership is needed in the automotive industry’s competitive environment to guide subordinates so that they share goals, attitudes, values, and work towards the achievement of organisational strategies. Macroenvironmental...
lifetime achievement award

Lifetime achievement award

  The Regenesys Lifetime Achievement Award goes to exceptional persons who have achieved remarkable business success, possess exemplary leadership qualities, have made an outstanding contribution to socio-economic development and who...

The Good Governance Academy

The Good Governance Academy was launched on 18 March 2019, by Prof Mervyn King, Patron of the Academy and a leading international authority on corporate governance. The Good Governance Academy,...

Yoga open day

    Regenesys held a very successful Yoga Open Day on 30 March with a jam-packed programme on mindfulness, relaxation, healthy eating habits and much more. We approach human development...

Tips for graduates looking for employment

While South Africa is experiencing growth in its graduate labour force, graduate unemployment is rising with the overall unemployment rate.  Graduate unemployment is increasingly becoming problematic as it wastes scarce...

Understanding Flexible study options

Flexible learning is about providing learners with choices regarding where, when and how their learning occurs. It helps to attract and meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of...
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The dynamic role of business education

THE DYNAMIC ROLE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION The pace of innovation has unlocked new doors of opportunities not only for business but for business education also. It is the responsibility of...
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