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How to obtain financial freedom


According to Moneyfit.org, ‘financial freedom’ means having enough savings, financial investments, and cash on hand to afford the kind of life we desire for ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, life happens and very few people achieve their financial goals. Besides the increasing cost of education, electricity and fuel, unforeseen financial expenses and the need to support families and communities all reduce the portion of disposable income which we should allocate for saving. READ MORE

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7 Actions for setting your fitness goals


We have made the case on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle by confirming the positive effects an exercise programme will have on your overall wellbeing. In this article, we will be exploring reasons for exercising and setting fitness goals. We’ve highlighted before that your reason for exercising is unique – you may be exercising for recreation, for health reasons, for competition, to maintain a specific appearance or to maintain sufficient physical activity to maintain a healthy body. Each choice you make will influence your fitness goals. READ MORE

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10 Ways to build trust within your team


Leaders in organisations have an almost impossible task. They must deliver on the goals of the organisation. They must lead, develop, and encourage their teams. They must get their work done. And then they must honour family and other commitments outside the workplace. This is not easy, especially now in the time of Covid-19, with many team members still working from home.  Leaders are concerned about whether the work is getting done. Is everybody pulling their weight? Will the targets be met? Are the deadlines achievable? READ MORE 

10 Ways to build trust within your team2021-10-22T10:41:42+02:00
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