About Criselda Kananda

About Criselda Kananda 1Criselda Kananda is not your everyday motivational speaker or speaking consultant, her track records and widespread impact across South Africa, and far beyond, has transformed many lives positively over the years.

She spends her waking hours inspiring the next generation of leaders by imparting life-skills that will transform them into emotionally intelligent and self-motivated men and women that can successfully manage organisations and their family.

Her foray into radio and T.V  propelled her into the limelight, a pedestal from which she has built a more extensive reach – and a louder voice that is as commanding as it is impactful.

Other than currently running a Speaking Consultancy service, she is also a successful businesswoman, author, and inspirational speaker.

Through her firm, Positive Talk services, she continues to reveal to her listeners how they can influence and take charge of their emotions, communication and behaviour, thereby becoming self-aware in a world that is becoming more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

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