Regenesys Business School is delighted to announce the launch of the Education for All (EdForAll) initiative – a revolutionary, disruptive, technology-driven, online higher education initiative delivering accredited, high-quality internationally recognised MBAs, bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and certificate programmes to all financially disadvantaged but deserving students across the world from as little as R500 per month – which is the monthly commitment fee… Enquire Now

Our Featured Programmes

Higher Certificate in Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

This programme provides a fundamental education in business, management and leadership concepts, principles, theories…

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Bachelor of Business Administration

MBA – Master of Business Administration

This programme develops leadership and management skills required to manage a business, government, and non-profit organisations, or to start…

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Postgraduate Diploma Business Management

Postgraduate Diploma In Business Management

This programme develops generic management competencies required for successful management of organisations…

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Master of Public Management

Bachelor of Accounting

This programme develops professional knowledge, skills, and applied competencies in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and…

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National Certificate: IT – End-User Computing

Higher Certificate in Business Management 

This programme develops fundamental management competencies which are required for a career in management, or for starting…

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Master of Public

This programme is for those wanting to progress to senior management and leadership positions in the public sector.

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New Venture

The New Venture Creation Certificate prepares participants for the creation of new ventures by developing competencies in all major aspects of a new venture.

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Information Technology:
End-User Computing 

This qualification provides a framework for learners to develop skills that will enable them to become competent in end-user computing. It introduces theoretical concepts…

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Public Administration (NQF3)

Public Administration (NQF 3)

The National Certificate Public Administration (NCPA) recognises the generic skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values expected of a competent person in a wide range of contexts in public sector administration and the public sector in general.

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Why Choose Regenesys?

Getting a qualification is not enough, on its own, to prepare you to traverse the rapidly changing world of work, where industry 4.0 and 5.0 are rendering many professions obsolete. We will work with you throughout your studies to help you develop six critical attributes to navigate the new world order, along with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in any environment.

Both well-informed and knowledgeable, learners must be committed to sound research, taking a multidisciplinary and metacognitive approach to problem-solving, and able to recognise and put aside personal bias, basing decisions on evidence. This will prepare them to take calculated risks.

To think differently, learners must be intellectually curious, analytical, open-minded though constructively critical, with the mental agility to think across disciplines, contexts and domains to solve complex problems and find innovative ways to do things. Be imaginative but rational. We will systematically help learners cultivate higher-order thinking – the kind of thinking that recognises and makes sense of patterns others miss, and that facilitates unique linkages and solutions.

This ties back to the overarching P in the quadruple bottom line: purpose. Purpose-driven, you put sustainability at the heart of your organisation. Emotionally and spiritually intelligent, you should be self-aware, understand the interconnectedness of all things, and act ethically and with integrity. As an ideal graduate, you will be a service-oriented agent of change.

Learners will appreciate the value of individual differences. Socially intelligent, collaborative and a skilled communicator, learners should be able to facilitate connections to build, empower and manage high-functioning teams with diverse skills and personalities, and support them in assuming responsibilities.

With a confident and inspiring aura, you are utterly professional, yet accessible. Deliberate, determined, disciplined, and focused. You will model your values, and hold yourself accountable. You will have the resilience and grit to keep going in the face of adversity.

Your glocal outlook underpins your ability to operate and compete ethically and profitably as a responsible global citizen in a borderless world. Your multicultural awareness and wide-ranging interest in current affairs enables you to recognise and respond to local cultures and needs without losing sight of the global picture.

We approach education holistically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We focus on harnessing entrepreneurial skills for the possibility of creating sustainable new ventures.

A unique way to obtain high quality, globally recognised qualifications through the internet and financial engineering.

Study in some of the world’s most influential economies, including India, South Africa and Nigeria.

Our graduates earn 30% more on average than graduates from other universities

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